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Traffic and Offers Equals…


Traffic and Offers Equals…

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times. Having any sort of online business means you have to learn how to tap into a constant source of traffic.

Traffic plus offers equalsWhen it comes to traffic, most people are diehard fans of whatever kind of traffic they’ve had success with. Bloggers are good at getting organic traffic because regular content will definitely get you noticed by the search engines. On the other hand, most “traffic specialists” usually favor paid traffic because of the speedy results.

Let’s just take a minute and really break traffic into two simple categories. OK, so we have paid traffic and we have free traffic (also known as Organic Traffic).

We have marketers who deal solely with one or the other, and there are those who use a hybrid method to benefit from both. It really comes down to what’s best for you, or what you are able to do at any given time.

How Do We Approach Traffic

First, you should have some idea of what your goals are regarding your Internet business. Free traffic always sounds good, but is it right for you… And the same can be said about paid traffic.
Therefore, how do you decide which traffic source is right for your business model?

Usually, people who come into online marketing with a small budget prefer the free traffic model… and that’s perfectly fine. If this refers to you, then you must realize that free traffic usually takes some time to get going and you will have to put in consistent work to get the results you want.

There’s nothing wrong with the free traffic model… But what you save in dollars, you will replace with sweat. Many top marketers swear by the free traffic model and have the proof to back it up. There are many ways to accomplish this and since others have seen success with this model, then obviously it can be done.

Now let’s look at paid traffic. For those marketers who have the budget to pay for their traffic, it’s kind of a no brainer. When set up correctly, paid traffic campaigns can get visitors to your websites, squeeze pages and offers almost instantly.

The thing to remember here is that you will most likely lose some money on your initial campaigns until you learn the system. So in essence, you will pay for your mistakes in the beginning.

As with free traffic, there are many avenues to take with regards to paid traffic. Just do a bit of research and maybe purchase a couple products related to paid traffic, so you don’t burn too much of your budget starting out.

Remember, it’s all about learning when you start a virtual business, but don’t give up.

The Importance of Traffic

After you finally learn how to send traffic to whatever place you want to send it to, it’s time to start using it to make consistent profits.

Once you learn how to drive traffic you can:

•   Send visitors to your blog
•   Get likes on social pages
•   Build an email subscriber list
•   Send customers to affiliate offers
•   … and more

There are many things you can do in the Internet space once you have learned how to generate traffic. In the beginning, most marketers struggle with this concept for years and many just stop trying because of it.

Traffic is only part of the equation when it comes to Internet marketing, but it is a really big part of the equation. Learn how to drive traffic early on… and learn several ways to do it.

So… What can you do with TARGETED TRAFFIC and good offers?

Whatever you want to!

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