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List Building – The Freebie Launch


List Building – The Freebie Launch

Attracting potential customers to your initial offers is the first phase of efficiently marketing a multitude of products. Auto responders play an important role in supplying this interest.

List Building - The Freebie LaunchFor instance, If you were creating an ebook, you may want to begin informing your website visitors and opt-in subscribers about it. Begin to build enthusiasm and inform them what this product or service is going to do on their behalf, and how soon it will be in the marketplace.

Use an autoresponder account to offer a free portion of your product, so they can review your product! Eventually, you are going to be marketing the product or service to the public. You could let your prospective customers survey the info and get them interested. Who knows, maybe they will tell some friends.

We have all seen previews for films that will be playing in theaters in the near future? This is the
very same idea.This is your trailer.

All you need to do is insert a single chapter of your report into an autoresponder, and put a form on your site where your visitors key in their name and email address to get the sneak peek totally free.

This process gets their names on your list as a prospective client. Each week, deliver a reminder email, informing them just how near the production date is, and what they’re able to expect from your product or service – continue to keep building attraction and enthusiasm.

Finally, before you are ready, about a couple of days or so before you launch your product, present people who obtained the review the chance to purchase a pre-release copy. You can choose to offer a discounted price or alternatively, leave the price the same amount as it will be on launch day. Whatever you decide, ultimately, the choice is yours.
Take a look at the list of individuals who signed up to receive the preview. How many of them are still ‘subscribed’ to that list? At this point, they’ve had the option to opt out and stop receiving notices about your product or decide to keep getting the material that you’ve been giving.


You must realize that the people who are still on your list are highly targeted prospects for your product or service. They have proven that they have a desire for your product, and a large
number of those individuals are merely holding out for that one broadcast message that will let
them know that it is time to grab their copy of your actual product!

This is possibly your first experience of list building automation. But… Isn’t automation a wonderful thing?

By Employing an autoresponder, you are able to see just how much of a market there is for your product before it is ever released. This is the key to producing profits on release day. Use autoresponders to create intrigue.

Get your prospects excited about what is about to come – and on launch day, give them what they are patiently waiting for.

Become proficient at this technique, build a premium buyer list, and watch the sales pour in!


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