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Discover Online Marketing – Getting Started


Discover Online Marketing – Getting Started

When people start Internet marketing, the first concern is usually how do I set up a website? The next big dilemma is, “How do I drive traffic to my website and my offers”? It seems that everyone is Discover Online Marketingoffering the magical answer to this question, but the thing you want to concentrate on is exposure… and a lot of it. Just think about it for a minute…

Well… Did you think about it?

OK, all jokes aside, but the initial truth is that nobody knows who you are and what you have to offer. You have to get in front of the masses. Personally, I would love to implement the magic pill method, but that’s really what other marketers use to take your money… Don’t fall for it!

Stick to the basics and make them work for you:


Optimize Your Site for Humans and Drones

Set up your website properly and make sure it is presentable for the search engines to come by and check you out. I wouldn’t spend too much time trying to overuse keywords… that stuff doesn’t work anymore, and it was a big headache anyway. Try to make your content (articles, videos, infographics, etc.) natural and entertaining for your readers and the rest will come naturally. Make sure your articles are related to the title and the search engines will rank you accordingly.

Always use pictures or some kind of graphics in your articles. Add links to other articles on your site, so you have a nice flow within your site. Also, it might be a good idea, every now and then, to link to other websites.

If you are the web designer for your site, give it a comfortable feel and make your visitors enjoy spending time on your site. Make your site unique from others in your market and your readers will recommend you to others. Hey… That’s how this social stuff works… Share, share, share!


Amazing Content

Whether you are running a blog, an authority site or any other type of website, make your content breed enthusiasm. People want information… ok that’s true, but who doesn’t want to be awed at the same time? Make me laugh! Hey, if you can make me cry, then by all means go for it.

Your visitors will remember you because your site is different in a good way. They will come back to be entertained and informed.

Sure… Create content about all the important stuff other marketers are talking about, but remove the dryness from it. Don’t make me feel thirsty because I came to your site because I will never come back… Ouccchhh!

Give your content personality. Let your visitors know who you really are. If you have a sense of humor, let it show and have fun.


It Is a Business After All

Add a couple autoresponders in your site’s framework. If you look at most websites, there is usually an email sign up form in the upper right corner of the website. This form is called an autoresponder. The purpose for these sign up forms is to get people to sign up to your mailing list so you can market products to them later.

If you’ve heard the saying, “The money’s in the list”, now you know what this means. Start your list building efforts early and try to build a list of subscribers to help sustain your business efforts. Otherwise, you will find yourself working ten times as hard as the competition in the long run.

Place an autoresponder below any content you produce. A visitor may read one of your articles and want to sign up because of your amazing content. Please… I’m begging you, don’t make them scroll all the way back to the top to sign up to your list. Most people are just too lazy for that!


Driving Traffic

Let’s just cut to the chase. You Need Traffic!

Obviously, you are selling something and you need visitors in order for them to eventually buy your products and services. So, this means you will have to do something to get potential consumers to your site.

In a nutshell, there are two general methods used to drive traffic online… Free and Paid. And both methods require patience and lots of effort.

Optimizing your website and producing amazing content are two methods that we’ve already mentioned for driving free traffic to your site. Video, RSS feeds and Social Media are also good sources of Organic (Free) Traffic for your website.

I know for some of you, this sounds like a broken method. However, all of these methods together can produce tons of free targeted traffic to your website… OVER TIME! And that’s what most people leave off. You have to do this stuff regularly… like everyday when you first start. It can be difficult, but if you have your tracking analytics in place, you will start noticing visitors coming to your site from all over the world. Amazing stuff!

Paid methods are not as simple as they seem, but if you have the budget for it, then by all means go for it.

Check out Google Adwords, Bing Search Network, 7Search, etc. and learn about Solo Ads as well. In order to implement paid methods, you will have to learn about Squeeze Pages and Landing Pages.

The paid advertizing process usually goes something like this:

Set up a squeeze page and send traffic to it. The squeeze page can be on your site or leading directly to a free or paid offer you have set up somewhere else. Next, you want to capture the reader’s email address before they get the product or service. Finally, you put them on your list and can make sales from them in the future.

How to use paid traffic


This is the summarized version, but there is a lot of trial and error that goes on in paid traffic strategies. The key is not to get discouraged and keep trying. Eventually, you’ll get it and you will probably find yourself using a mix of both methods to maximize your outcome.


Affiliate or Merchant

Before you get all gung-ho about selling your very own products, you may want learn how to create them the easy way (Grab my free Easy Product BluePrint to get started). In my free eBook, I explain to you the method Top Internet Marketers use to create products in about 1/5 of the time it would take you to do it with traditional methods. This applies to virtually any type of product… from eBooks to video courses.

The other option is to consider Affiliate Marketing. This is a marketing strategy that allows you to market and sell other people’s products.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is once you learn how to drive traffic to affiliate offers, you can make a quick commission off of everything you sell.

Of course, the downside is that these aren’t your products, which can create extra steps here and there. Nonetheless, there are Internet millionaires who only do affiliate marketing, so you can make it work for you if you manage your efforts correctly.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, check out and Go through the tutorials there and you will learn all you need to get started. These websites also provide merchant platforms, so if you want to know how to market your own products, you can do that too!


OK… So, I really hope this information has helped you to understand online marketing better than before.

Learn… Take action and most of all… Be patient with your results!

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