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Bragging Rights – Cool or Not?


Bragging Rights – Cool or Not?

Bragging Rights - Cool or Not?I don’t know why this thought has been ringing in my head since last night, but it has.

Is the market for making money online all about bragging rights or what? If I tell you I made 2 million dollars in the last 2 weeks (of course I didn’t), would you start lining up at my blog buying every single product I create? Is that cool or not?

I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes I hope… and truthfully I know the answer. People like to see results, plain and simple!

If I want to join a gym and I go to a couple different places… I go to one place and the trainer is wearing a long sleeve shirt and explaining to me how he can help me pump up my biceps… OK, I hear you man. But I just came from the other gym down the street and the guy there was wearing a beater – muscles almost exploding in my face. I look to the right and I see fifteen medals from the weightlifting championships he’s won… I mean, which gym would you join?

Sure, a lot of these guys are making the millions they claim to be making, but how does the little guy compete with that? And this is really another rhetorical question.

You don’t compete when you are out of your league… at least you don’t use the same tactics. How can you? People make their first sale every day online, and that first sale doesn’t come to you because you’re rich or because you claimed to be (at least I hope not).

Hard work… And more hard work!

Anybody can tell you how easy it is to build a list of ten thousand subscribers if they’ve done it fifteen times already. However, it seems like the most difficult thing in the world for the newbie.

But… that’s life and if you really want something, you have to be patient and take the steps that others have taken countless times before you.

Touching on the first question I posed… I know that success sells. And the truth of the matter is that if unseasoned marketers like myself pay more attention to what we are being told to do, the process will be that much sweeter.

Then the next thing you know, you’re reading my blog and I’m telling you how much I made last year. It’s just a form of branding. How else can new marketers find good sources of information?

It just comes down to the old saying… “Experience is the best teacher.”

So, if you made a hundred thousand dollars last month, I’m with you. Just tell me how you did it.

Better yet… We’ll do lunch.

And it’s on me!



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